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12 week

Strength Camp

strength & body composition




**12 week minimum - for best results**



We custom write your program weekly down to the exercise, set and rep. All you need to do is tick the boxes, leave us some comments and grab some videos for us to give you feedback on.Β 

Join hundreds of people

getting stronger

The 12 week iron born

strength camp includes:

strength program

Our 12 Week Strength Camp program is tailored to your specific fitness goals and abilities, ensuring optimal results and progress.

Nutrition Plan

Our nutrition plan and tracking sheets are designed to make staying on track easier whilst learning to track for long term adherence.


Our plans comes with calibrated macros specific to your fitness goals to optimise results during over the next 12 weeks.


We prioritise athlete accountability through regular progress check-ins and a supportive community, we are with you every step on the way.


Our 12 Week Strength Camp has a weekly consult to track progress and make adjustments to achieve your fitness goals.


Email/text support is available throughout our 12 Week Strength Camp to provide guidance and answer questions.


Ongoing education is critical for sustainable results. We will teach you the method behind the madness, instead of just telling you to "trust the process".

Strength Protocol

The powerlifting strength protocol is a specialized training program specifically built to express maximum strength in the squat, bench press, and deadlift.