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Braydn Vit

Head Coach

Braydn is a national level powerlifter who has coached hundreds of people over the past 10 years. He has put over a hundred athletes on the powerlifting platform and created several state champions and national level athletes. He has also worked with professional boxers and rugby players assisting with their training and nutrition to ensure they are the best athletes they can be.

The one thing he enjoys as much as coaching high level athletes, is coaching people who would never even consider themselves athletes and helping them become stronger and in better shape than they ever thought possible.

Jill Hossack

Sports Nutrionist/Strength Coach

Jill started off with us as a client, but she has become so much more than that. Jill is the definition of some one who made a lifestyle change.

Jill was incredibly overweight and her back was too injured to even unpack groceries out of the car. In the last 5 years she has lost 50kgs, and has become one of the strongest over 50 year old’s on the planet – chasing national powerlifting records. She has coached others for over 2 years now specialising in helping others change themselves for the better through strength training and proper nutrition to make the most of their lives.

She specialises in sports nutrition and has a spot in her heart for any one over 40 looking to make a lifestyle change.

Brendan Dalgliesh

Strength Coach

Brendan is studying to become an exercise physiologist and sports nutritionist. He has been coaching for a few years now and has been specialising in helping young athletes making top teams in their sporting careers via proper strength training and nutrition.

He also specialises in human movement and body recomposition helping people more efficiently and safely fixing injuries and preventing further problems.

Dyfed Thomas

Strength Coach

Dyfed is a competitive powerlifter With over half a decade of gym experience under his belt. He has extensive strength training/Powerlifting specific education under his belt, attained through various mentorship’s and reputable peers.

He is a big believer of falling in love with the process while expecting to be treated as a serious athlete. Don’t let the tattoos fool you, he is probably the nicest person in the gym!

Luna Vit

Mascot / Security / Cheer Leader

Luna has a degree in cheering and barking. 


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