Breathing and Bracing – Lifting 101

How often in gyms do you here Personal Trainers yelling cues like “use your core”, or “exhale on effort”? It concerns me, having been in a multitude of gyms and having worked with hundreds of people– including SEVERAL PT’s over the last 10 years– how little knowledge there is on something that should be considered […]

Strength is a Skill – Lifting 101

One of my favourite quotes every said in regards to strength training is by Pavel Tsatsouline. “Strength is a skill.” The common consensus I see in the gym, is people “working out” trying to go as hard as they can, hoping that over time they will become stronger. People assume strength is something that just […]

The Importance of an Off-Season For Athletes and General Population

What exactly is an off-season? Most athletes, if not all, don’t compete all year round. Generally, ball sports such as basketball, soccer, rugby etc. only compete in their sport for roughly 6 months per year. The other 6 months is spent on fine tuning their craft with a more relaxed atmosphere. Typically, they will use […]

Programming 101: Progression, Regression, and Exercise Selection

The situation… We’ve all been in the gym before, and in the corner of our eye we see some one doing barbell squats, or deadlifts and you can’t help but look away. It’s clear to even the most untrained eye, that the person has no business playing with barbells yet. Worst of all, it’s not […]

The Compounding Effects of 1 Percent Improvements

Zero to Hero in 2 years I spend a lot of my time reading and studying ways to improve myself as a coach and as an athlete. Recently I came across the work of Dave Brailsford. Dave was hired to work as the new performance director for the British cycling team in 2002. He was […]

Why You Can’t Seem To Sustain Fat Loss Long Term

Here is the problem When people think about fat loss, they think about doing lots of cardio and eating less food than they currently are. If you apply this, great! You will likely lose some weight. This is more or less what 12 week challenges are, and also why they generally fail. Today I’m going […]

5 Things to Consider When Starting Your Fitness Journey

I’ve been strength training now for nearly 7 years, and I’ve come a very long way in that time. However, the journey hasn’t always been smooth and I’ve learned many things over the years that, had I known earlier, might have pushed me towards my goals much sooner. With that said, here are 5 things […]